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Making a Difference in our Local Community

We take corporate social responsibility seriously and strive to make a positive impact on the world around us. The Shift4 team is committed to making a difference in our local communities through volunteerism and other charitable contributions. In addition to financially supporting various causes, Shift4 offers all of our full-time employees 16 hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) each year. This is paid time off for our employees to volunteer with any charitable organization that’s personally important to them – whether that’s participating in a beach clean-up, volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping out at an animal shelter, or working at a local food bank. If every Shift4 employee utilizes their VTO, that equates to over 24,000 volunteer hours spent directly impacting our communities!

The Economic Impact of COVID-19

As the leading payment processor for the hospitality industry, Shift4 is in a unique position to assess the economic impact of COVID-19 on restaurants, bars, hotels and various other business types across the country. Shift4 securely processes over 3.5 billion transactions annually for more than 200,000 businesses nationwide, including over 21,000 hotels and over 125,000 restaurants, representing over $200 billion in payment volume in 2019. These merchants range in size from the largest global hotel chains to single location restaurants. 

State by State Impact on Hospitality Transaction Volumes as Compared with Pre-Crisis Levels

State by State Transaction Volume as Compared with the week of March 22nd

We're Here for our Customers with over $100 Million in Relief

We are committed to supporting businesses of all types and sizes during this challenging time with over $100 million in relief to our customers – including numerous discounts, waived fees, free equipment, and more.

Relief Resources

Relief Efforts